SCIENCE SHORTS: All about fluorescence microscopy

The next in our series of 5 minute SCIENCE SHORTS we are posting is All about fluorescence microscopy by Arun Narasimhan, Ph.D., a postdoc in Associate Professor Pavel Osten’s laboratory.

Fluorescence microscopy not only creates beautiful, glowing images of cellular structures, but is an important scientific technique in itself. Arun takes us through the basics and science of this important type of imaging.

About SCIENCE SHORTS: Each short talk of approximately 5 minutes, explores a topic or area of research at CSHL. They were designed for non-scientific audience and given by a CSHL Ph.D. student or postdoc. So far we have covered the question “Why haven’t we cured cancer yet?“, and, in this current installment, explored the beautiful imagery generated by the important scientific technique of florescence microscopy. Look out for the next in our series.

cell fluorescent microscopy
Fluorescence microscopy image of a cell, still image taken from the above video.

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