Redefining Biologists, Redefining Genes (Base Pairs Episode 9.5)

Set aside your notions of how biologists are born, or what the word “gene” means as you listen to our first chat episode. We talk with Assistant Professor Molly Hammell, a genome biologist who started out as an astrophysicist. She tells us what it’s like to peer deep into space using a high-tech telescope. We also speak with Professor Tom Gingeras about whether it’s time to redefine the gene.

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A letter to our fans and friends:

Hey, everyone!

Next month will mark a FULL YEAR since the Base Pairs podcast launched on LabDish, SoundCloud, iTunes, GooglePlay, and wherever else you get your podcast fix. To mark this occasion, June’s episode will feature three buzzworthy topics: climate change, CRISPR, and GMOs. Oh! And Jennifer Lopez. More on that soon.

For now, we want to fill you in about our plan for this 2017 season of Base Pairs! From here on, every other month will feature what we’re calling a “chat” episode. These shorter shows, around 10 minutes each, will feature never-before-heard clips from the previous episodes’ interviews. In this way, we will get to showcase fun stories, amazing anecdotes, and some really interesting discussions that would have otherwise been left in dusty piles on the cutting room floor.

We have a grand total of six full “story” episodes of Base Pairs and four of these chat episodes planned for 2017. We hope that you’ll enjoy each unique episode as much as we enjoyed making them. And, if you just can’t get enough of our science stories, there are many more waiting for you here on LabDish, at CSHL news, and on social media.

Lastly, we love hearing from our fans! We make this podcast for you, so if you want more about a specific topic or one of our guests, we want to know. Leave us your comments! And the absolute BEST way to make yourself heard is through an iTunes review. Go let the world know what you think of Base Pairs! We’ll surely hear you (so long as Brian takes a break from editing to join the rest of the world).

So, without any further ado, go check out a few more great moments with Assistant Professor Molly Hammell (from episode 8) and Professor Tom Gingeras (from episode 9).

And as always, thanks for listening!



Brian & Andrea


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