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The Single Cell Analysis course – at the cutting edge of science

  In June I had the chance to sit down and talk with Professors Jim Eberwine (University of Pennsylvania) and Cynthia McMurray (University of California, Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) about the Single Cell Analysis course they co-direct, held here at … Continue reading

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SCIENCE SHORTS: Molecular photography

Following on from our last SCIENCE SHORT about fluorescence microscopy imaging, postdoc Jonathan Ipsaro, Ph.D., of Professor and HHMI Investigator Leemor Joshua-Tor’s laboratory, takes us even deeper into the molecular world as he talks about what he calls “molecular photography.” … Continue reading

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The DNA60IFX genome sequencing contest draws 1000 competitors worldwide

by Michael Schatz** This past April 25th was the 60th anniversary of the publication of Watson and Crick’s famous paper describing the double helix structure of DNA. Many events were held around the world to celebrate the historic day, including … Continue reading

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SCIENCE SHORTS: All about fluorescence microscopy

The next in our series of 5 minute SCIENCE SHORTS we are posting is All about fluorescence microscopy by Arun Narasimhan, Ph.D., a postdoc in Associate Professor Pavel Osten’s laboratory. Fluorescence microscopy not only creates beautiful, glowing images of cellular structures, but … Continue reading

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SCIENCE SHORTS: Why haven’t we cured cancer yet?

After the success of the 5 minute science talks at the recent open house we decided they could be helpful for a wider audience. So we reconvened the speakers and re-did the talks with that in mind, thus creating our … Continue reading

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Time out with Tuveson

  The following interview was conducted and written by Skyler Palatnick Of all the things kids and teens think about when the topic of scientists comes up, the last thing you would expect to hear is that they are normal–but … Continue reading

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Remembering the Laboratory as it was in 1950

We recently had a rare kind of visitor, one who can shed light on just how far the Laboratory has come in 60-plus years. Natalie Meyer worked in Milislav Demerec’s lab in what is now the Carnegie Library building from … Continue reading

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An experimental neuroscience course in the heart of Transylvania

It’s no small feat to put together a state-of-the-art neuroscience lab and summer course. Remarkably, CSHL Assistant Professor Florin Albeanu managed just that, and did so in the picturesque heart of his home country, Romania. The 2012 Transylvania Experimental Neuroscience … Continue reading

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From Bench to Bikeside: when scientists leave the lab and take to the hills

by Clare Rebbeck** As researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory we work with cancer cells day in, day out.  We hope that one day we will discover something that will change the lives of the many people diagnosed with cancer. … Continue reading

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Visiting undergraduates at CSHL: the 2012 class of URPs explores neuroscience, bioinformatics and cancer biology

by Mike Schatz and Anne Churchland** Each summer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory hosts 25 visiting undergraduates, affectionately known as “URPs,” after the historic program in which they participate.  The Undergraduate Research Program began in 1959, and provides a unique opportunity … Continue reading

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