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The DNA60IFX genome sequencing contest draws 1000 competitors worldwide

by Michael Schatz** This past April 25th was the 60th anniversary of the publication of Watson and Crick’s famous paper describing the double helix structure of DNA. Many events were held around the world to celebrate the historic day, including … Continue reading

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Knowing thy genome: The science and ethics of personal genome sequencing

Until not too long ago, asking “Who am I?” of oneself often meant undertaking a voyage of self-discovery either through travel to a faraway land or through time-limited visits to a therapist’s couch. We now live in an era that … Continue reading

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2012 “Biology of Genomes” in 140 ch@r@cters

CSHL’s annual “The Biology of Genomes” meeting, held May 8-12 this year, has come to be known as the yearly shindig for researchers working in the vast and rapidly growing field of genomics. Named one of the top scientific conferences … Continue reading

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CSHL’s sequencing power gets a fresh boost

At CSHL’s Woodbury Genome Center a decade ago, it took 12 technicians working in two shifts and six “first generation” sequencing machines to sequence 70 million bases of DNA—repeats of A, T, G, C—in a single month. By 2007, as … Continue reading

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Collaboration column: A new gene-hunting strategy locates genetic cause of a rare disease

With an ingenious combination of next-generation sequencing, conventional gene mapping and bioinformatics detective work, an Israeli-led collaboration that includes CSHL scientists has helped a Palestinian family to confront the genetic culprit behind a rare, hereditary neurological disease that afflicts some … Continue reading

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Collaboration column: SMA therapeutics and potential drug target for schizophrenia

CSHL researchers are part of two highly successful, multi-institutional collaborations that report exciting advances in developing therapeutics for a devastating neuromuscular disorder and in finding a ‘druggable’ target for schizophrenia. For several years now, CSHL’s Adrian Krainer has devoted his expertise in … Continue reading

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