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“When I grow up…”

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to work in science. Maybe I’d synthesize a new biodegradable plastic. Or maybe I’d unlock the secrets behind Alzheimer’s disease. Maybe I’d teach science at a university or write about amazing discoveries. Kids … Continue reading

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An experimental neuroscience course in the heart of Transylvania

It’s no small feat to put together a state-of-the-art neuroscience lab and summer course. Remarkably, CSHL Assistant Professor Florin Albeanu managed just that, and did so in the picturesque heart of his home country, Romania. The 2012 Transylvania Experimental Neuroscience … Continue reading

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Spreading science through the community

Pollen is not the only thing spreading around the north shore of Long Island this spring. Science is too, courtesy of a trio of researchers from CSHL who infused scientific flavor into two community events this month. CSHL geneticist Rob … Continue reading

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Alea Mills explains mouse modeling at the Secret Science Club

A rapt audience of more than 450 New Yorkers gathered at the Secret Science Club in Brooklyn on one unseasonably balmy night in mid-March to listen to tales of gene hunting expeditions by CSHL Professor Alea Mills. She is an … Continue reading

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Double duty: How an anti-cancer protein guards neurons against death after stroke

Cancer biologists know the PTEN gene as a powerful tumor suppressor and one that is among the most commonly deleted genes in human cancer. For more than a decade, CSHL’s Dr. Lloyd Trotman has studied the role of PTEN in … Continue reading

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CSHL’s sequencing power gets a fresh boost

At CSHL’s Woodbury Genome Center a decade ago, it took 12 technicians working in two shifts and six “first generation” sequencing machines to sequence 70 million bases of DNA—repeats of A, T, G, C—in a single month. By 2007, as … Continue reading

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Neuroscientists gather on Long Island

Neuroscientists from CSHL, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Stony Brook University gathered at the Charles B. Wang Center at Stony Brook University last Friday for a day-long symposium, “Recent Advances in Neuroscience Research.” The symposium involved over 200 registrants and featured … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s disease: A CSHL study cited as a key advance.

Between November 1, 2004 and December 31, 2010, scientists published tens of thousands of research papers about various aspects of Alzheimer’s disease. In its April issue, Thomson Reuters’, an open Web resource that has tracked trends and performance in global … Continue reading

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Collaboration column: SMA therapeutics and potential drug target for schizophrenia

CSHL researchers are part of two highly successful, multi-institutional collaborations that report exciting advances in developing therapeutics for a devastating neuromuscular disorder and in finding a ‘druggable’ target for schizophrenia. For several years now, CSHL’s Adrian Krainer has devoted his expertise in … Continue reading

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