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What makes a great scientist tick?

Professor David Spector, a cancer biologist, is Director of Research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. He and his lab team are explorers of the nucleus, the compartment in every cell that holds DNA, the genetic material. Dr. Spector has discovered … Continue reading

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Students step into teachers’ shoes in innovative DNA Learning Center program

by Amy Nisselle, DNA Learning Center The Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center (DNALC) is inspiring the next generation of science teachers by giving local students the opportunity to show off their new biotechnology skills. The intent is to provide students with … Continue reading

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Making the case for preprint publishing in biology

written by CSHL QB Fellow Justin Kinney This week, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press launched bioRxiv, a preprint server for the biological sciences. This is very exciting for those of us who have moved into biology from physics (as well … Continue reading

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Splicing studies detail a protein’s role in creating cancer’s mixed messages

Cancer cells are a hotbed of mixed or incorrect molecular “messages” – a result of defects in a cellular mechanism called RNA splicing. When a cell’s DNA is copied into an intermediary molecule called RNA, splicing is the editing step … Continue reading

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